What’s a Nolatarian?

Born in New Orleans in the summer of 2011, the concept for Nolatarian started out meaning many things. At the outset, Nolatarian applied libertarian thinking of liberty and free markets to daily issues in New Orleans to highlight the best of what’s happening in New Orleans and expose the worst. With a focus on the happenings of the City Council and City Hall, questions from the relatively trivial, such as “Why were there no Raising Cane’s in New Orleans?” to the more serious, such as “Is solar energy a viable alternative in a still rebuilding city?” were explored.

However, in 2015 I graduated from Loyola Law School and took a job in Sacramento, California. Now that I’ve passed the California Bar and gotten settled out here on the west coast, it’s time for the focus of this blog to shift. Instead of examining current events in New Orleans and Louisiana, I’ll of course be looking more closely at events in California’s capital city. Most importantly, I am planning to combine the liberty-focused bent of Nolatarian with the more general, freewheeling approach of living in New Orleans to Sacramento and California specifically. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Comments or ideas for me directly? Email me: nolatarian<at>gmail.com

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