Hey Louisiana State Legislators, I Found Some New Jobs

Before we get to these new jobs I found for our state, I have a question. What profession has 10x the education/training requirements of an Emergency Medical Technician? If you guessed Cosmetologist, you are correct! I’ve written about the grossly inequitable occupational licensing schemes in Louisiana before, but the Institute for Justice has a new report out that shows us just how bad it is.

Some highlights from the results of the study in Louisiana include our state ranking 43rd in most burdensome licensing laws, and the 8th most extensively and onerously licensed state. Out of 102 occupations in the nationwide study, Louisiana licenses 71. That’s more than any other state and 28 more than the national average.

If our state legislators want to get serious about improving entrepreneurship and income inequality in Louisiana, they should start by taking a hard look at eliminating a large number of these arbitrary impediments.

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