Louisiana Republican Caucus Details

According to the Louisiana GOP website:

Saturday, April 28, 2012 from 8:30 am-12 noon, caucusing will occur at 30 sites across Louisiana. All Orleans Parish east bank residents will report to De LaSalle High School at 5300 St Charles Ave. All Orleans Parish west bank residents will report to the Quality Inn & Suites at 100 Westbank Expressway in Gretna. Residents of all other parishes can find their site on the party website. Voters are eligible to participate if they were registered as a Republican as of December 15, 2011.

During the caucus, 25 delegates and 12 alternates per Congressional district will be elected to attend the state convention on June 2, 2012 in Shreveport where delegates to the National Convention in Tampa will be selected. Anyone can register to run for delegate in April so long as they register between April 10-12 online or in person at Republican party headquarters in Baton Rouge on April 10 between 1-5 pm. The fee to register as a delegate is $200 and $75 to register as an alternate.

This is an excellent opportunity to elect as many active Ron Paul supporters to the delegation as possible. In fact, with strong caucus support it is possible to counter the March 24 primary results. Only 20 of the state’s 46 total delegates are awarded in March, and those 20 are proportionately awarded to candidates receiving more than 25% of the votes. That leaves 26 delegates. 18 of those are up for grabs in the caucuses (3 per each of Louisiana’s 6 Congressional districts). So assuming Paul doesn’t accumulate 25% of primary votes, he can still have a strong presence in Louisiana.

This is important because of a little history. Here are the 2008 primary results:

  1. Mike Huckabee 43.18%
  2. John McCain      41.91%
  3. Mitt Romney       6.34%
  4. Ron Paul               5.33%

I assumed those results meant Santorum should have a strong primary showing in 2012, but the 2008 primary occured after Romney had already dropped out of the race, and I hadn’t  seen the most recent poll results of Louisiana Republicans. Granted, the poll was conducted in late November 2011, with the (basically useless) results favoring Gingrich:

  1. Gingrich 31%
  2. Romney 23%
  3. Cain      12%
  4. Perry     11%
  5. Paul           6%
  6. Others     17%
  7. Santorum <1%

All that to say, I imagine after today’s (Super Tuesday) 10 primary results we should have a better idea what other southern states are looking like and who may drop out of the race by the time March 24 rolls around.

Further, caucus results for 2008 were contested by the Paul campaign who was leading in pledged delegates until the state party extended the deadline allowing the official results to favor McCain with Paul coming in second. This shows the opportunity ahead.

If you are thinking about registering as a delegate, please contact the campaign directly so as to insure maximum exposure for all potential caucus voters. At the very least, please get out to vote the morning of April 28 for all Paul supporters.


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