Nolatarian Endorsements For Oct 22 Ballott

I’ve gone through all the races that will be found on ballots in Orleans Parish on October 22 and picked the candidates I feel most exemplify being Nolatarian or are simply the best choice of undesirable options.



I think we can all agree that Bobby Jindal doesn’t have to worry about losing this one. If by some chance he fails to get 50% of the vote and we have a runoff, I’ll actually dig into this one more. I would like to see some more info from the Scott Lewis campaign.

Commissioner of Insurance

I’m going to throw a curve ball here and support the challenger Donald Hodge. Hodge has some pretty interesting ideas, including the promise to only serve one term. Also, I can’t get over the fact that the incumbent, Jim Donelon, is pursuing allowing insurance commission agents to be armed…with GUNS.

Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry

Mike Strain has done good work streamlining the department and should be able to continue looking for ways to save taxpayer dollars.

Senate District 1

AG Crowe should be given the chance to continue looking for ways to shrink our state government and author more creative legislation such as Act 699 in 2008 that led to the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal. You can find more information about the terminal here.

Senate District 3

The only good thing about this race is that due to redistricting we get to rid ourselves of one New Orleans political establishment incumbent Democrat. I will be voting for JP Morrell solely due to my respect for his work as an Orleans Public Defender.

House of Representatives District 94

Both candidates are pretty average Republicans, but John LaBruzzo is a bit too socially conservative for my tastes. I’m going with Nick Lorusso in the newly combined district.

House of Representatives District 98

Due to Fenn French‘s experience in business development, he is a far more likely candidate than the incumbent to foster more growth in this Uptown district.

House of Representatives District 99

Not endorsing. I don’t see any way Bishop loses and both candidates are big government Democrats.

House of Representatives District 102

I’m very lukewarm on this one. Jeff Arnold‘s voting record isn’t terrible, but would have liked to see a candidate who focuses on limiting government.

House of Representatives District 103

Ray Garofalo is the only candidate in the race who seems to be committed to shrinking government.

Civil District Court Judge Division B

Not endorsing. Both candidates are recycled parts of this city’s current political machine.

Civil District Court Judge Division E

Not endorsing.

Traffic Court Judge Division A

Ernest Charbonnet is the only candidate not backed by the New Orleans political establishment. The least we can hope for is some independent thought here.

Criminal District Court Judge Section L

As an attorney, Franz Zibilich has an encouraging track record of cases as far as fairness and common sense are concerned and also has made the following quote; “That building was done to try the bad guys. Murder, rape, home invasion robbery,” he said. “There’s not enough time in the day to try second- or third-offense weed cases.” Also, he’s not endorsed by the same people as Louella Givens. A major point in his favor.

BESE District 1

Jim Garvey is doing good work in his first term and deserves to continue.

BESE District 2

Sometimes the incumbent is so bad you feel like you could throw a dart at a list and pick someone better. Fortunately, in this race, there’s a challenger worthy of endorsement, Kira Orange-Jones.


I’m going to weigh in on the Lt Governor and Secretary of State races later.

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