Not Much Ado About Little

Campaign signs have been popping up all over town lately, which means candidates are qualifying for the October 22 elections this week. On Orleans Parish ballots in 6.5 weeks will be:

  • Governor
  • Lt Gov
  • Sec of State
  • Attny General
  • St Treasurer
  • Commissioner of Insurance
  • Commissioner of Ag and Forestry
  • State Senate districts 3,4,5,7,9
  • State House districts 91,93,94,97,98,99,100,103
  • Civil District Court Judge divisions B and E
  • Traffic Court Judge division A
  • Criminal District Court section L
  • Proposition on the New Orleans Regional Business Park

Don’t remember which districts you’re in? Check here. Also, we will be voting on 5 Constitutional Amendments:

  1. Dedicating funds to TOPS
  2. Unfunded accrued liability
  3. Patients compensation fund
  4. Budget Stabilization fund changes
  5. Sales tax exemption adjustment due to population change in NOLA

Stay tuned for a list of candidates once qualifying is complete and later, a breakdown on who’s most Nolatarian in each race.

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