November 19 Election Wrap-up

Finally getting this out. November 19 was overall a good election night in my opinion. Kira Orange Jones defeated Louella Givens in BESE District 2 which should give charter school proponents a super-majority to extend reforms throughout the state of Louisiana. A win for public school students and families unhappy with their current school. Also good is the ban on future real estate transfer taxes. Even though the current tax in New Orleans will remain, at least it cannot be raised.

Ray Garofalo won a close race for the 103rd House seat. We’ll follow up to see how true he stays to his stated campaign promises of shrinking government. Other, less known measures allowed the streamlining of the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad board of Commissioners and one of the 2 New Orleans East subdivision security districts passed in Lake Barrington.

That will do it for elections in Orleans Parish in 2011. Next on the docket will be qualifying December 7-9 for the March 24, 2012 Presidential and Municipal Primary elections, which will most notably include Arnie Fielkow’s vacated New Orleans City Council seat.


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