October 22 Election Wrapup

First, the good news:

Out of my 20 endorsements, 11 worked out. There will be 2 runoffs for positions I endorsed, BESE District 2 and House of Representatives District 103. I’m most pleased by the 20 mill tax on the New Orleans Regional Business Park being voted down and will be looking forward to see if growth occurs out there in the next 12 months. I’m most disappointed in the passage of Constitutional Amendments 1 & 2. We now have a “sin tax” added to our constitution and hopefully the potential unintended consequences likely with #2 never happen, but I suppose we’ll see.

Some observations on the results in Orleans Parish versus the statewide numbers: Bobby Jindal only mustered 37.6% of the vote in New Orleans compared with his victory of 66% of total votes. Secretary of State was very close overall, with both candidates holding 50% of the statewide vote and Schedler coming out ahead by a mere 8,498 votes. However, in New Orleans Jim Tucker won 59.49% of the votes. Continuing the theme, Mike Strain won the state vote for Commissioner of Agriculture with 67%, but lost in Orleans to Jamie LaBranche 42-51%. Most odd from Saturday night was the rejection of amendment 5 by those outside New Orleans.

Overall it was a pretty quiet election day absent any major surprises. Looking to November 19 we have 3 runoffs, another constitutional amendment and a proposition (or 2 depending on your subdivision) to look forward to. More on those later.

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