Wishing You A Very Nolatarian New Year

As 2011 comes to a close, in spite of it all, I am optimistic. So long as my suspicions about the Mayan calendar are correct, 366 days from now we will hopefully be eagerly awaiting the start of a libertarian presidency and another Saints Super Bowl run. A number of projects are in the works for early 2012 for nolatarian.com. You can always check the ever-evolving “Bucket List” on the site for my priorities, but a sneak peek include working on privatizing a very specific aspect of city government and researching the legitimacy of some Louisiana Secretary of State fees to businesses. In the big picture, these aren’t huge, earth-shattering projects, but most importantly they will create momentum for a more prosperous and free New Orleans and Louisiana. And that is my goal for this site.

So tonight as we celebrate with friends or family at our house parties, open bars, concerts, firework displays and whatever it is you crazy, wonderful New Orleanians come up with, rejoice. Yes, things could be better and we’ve endured some terrible things this year in the city, but the fact that we’re still here, celebrating, is all the optimism we need. Happy 2012 New Orleans.

Nolatarian Goes to Washington 12/5/11 – 12/9/11

“Nolatarian Goes to Washington” is a weekly column on the activities of Louisiana Senators David Vitter and Mary Landrieu and Congressmen Steve Scalise and Cedric Richmond.


After a busy week of violating the Constitution last time we checked in, the Senate didn’t have much activity on the floor this week other than the rejection of two dueling payroll tax cut bills.

House of Representatives

More drug war hysteria on the way with passage on Thursday, 12/8/11, of HR 1254 , otherwise known as the Synthetic Drug Control Act. The bill adds synthetic drugs to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Scalise voted for and Richmond against. The bill now heads to the Senate. We all know how effective the original bill has been on preventing use and abuse of the already “banned” substances.

Some better news from 12/8; the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act of 2011 (HR 1633) passed the House with support from Scalise and opposition from Richmond. The bill temporarily prevents the EPA from placing burdensome regulations on farmers to essentially prevent them from kicking up dust in the course of their work.

Can We All Just DBE Honest Here?

Remember that City Council ordinance to prevent medium-box retail stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General from building more stores in favor of big-box retailers I wrote about here and here? Well, the city must have forgot…Check out my latest post at Southern Libertarian for more on business impediments.

Ron Paul 2012 in Louisiana

I just got off the phone with Ron Paul’s Baton Rouge office to clarify a posting they made. Apparently, a little known secret in Louisiana is that the Republican Party does have a Presidential Preference Caucus in addition to the Primary on March 24, 2012. The dates of the caucuses have not yet been announced, but if you wish to participate you must be registered as a Republican by this Thursday, December 15, 2011 (you still have until 2/22/12 to change for the Primary). Changing your registration or registering for the first time is done easily enough on the Secretary of State website. The campaign will let me know when the caucus dates are announced and I will pass that info along. Oh, and yes, I did change from an “independent” solely to vote for Dr. No.