Cao Says “Ciao” to Race For Attorney General

According to multiple reports, Joseph Cao has dropped out of the race for Louisiana Attorney General. Thus, one term incumbent, Buddy Caldwell wins reelection, making this the 9th uncontested race on our Oct 22 ballot.

As a reminder, a full breakdown on all races and constitutional amendments is coming the first week of October. Stay tuned!

Two Quick Things

First, the race for State Representative in District 98 just became less crowded as Evan Wolf and Myron Katz dropped out. This leaves incumbent Neil Abramson to be challenged by John “Fenn” French on October 22. Wolf also was found Thursday in front of the New Orleans City Council applying for the interim seat of Arnie Fielkow.

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Oct 22 Candidate List

Now that the Saints laid an egg, I guess I’ll take my mind off things temporarily and announce the qualifying candidates for the coming election:


  • David Blanchard (I) Brusly, LA
  • Lenny Bollingham (I) Baton Rouge
  • Ron Ceasar (I) Opelousas
  • Cary Deaton (D) Metairie
  • Tara Hollis (D) Haynesville
  • Bobby Jindal (R) Baton Rouge*
  • Bob Lang Jr (I) Natchitoches
  • Scott Lewis (L) Baton Rouge
  • Niki Bird Papazoglakis (D) Baton Rouge
  • Trey Roberts (D) Gretna

Lt Gov:

  • Jay Dardenne (R) Baton Rouge*
  • Billy Nungesser (R) Belle Chasse

Sec of State

  • Tom Schedler (R) Mandeville*
  • Jim Tucker (R) New Orleans

Attny Gen

  • Buddy Caldwell (R) Tallulah*
  • Joseph Cao (R) New Orleans

St Treasurer

  • John Kennedy (R) Baton Rouge*

Comm of Insurance

  • Jim Donelon (R) Metairie*
  • Donald Hodge (D) Baton Rouge

Comm of Ag & Forestry

  • B Alexandrenko (Reform) Lafayette
  • Jamie LaBranche (D) LaPlace
  • Mike Strain (R) Covington*

Senate Dis 1

  • AG Crowe (R) Pearl River*
  • Nita Hutter (R) Chalmette

Senate Dis 3

  • JP Morrell (D) New Orleans*
  • Cynthia Willard-Lewis (D) New Orleans

Senate Dis 4

  • Ed Murray (D) New Orleans*

Senate Dis 7

  • David Heitmeier (D) New Orleans*

Senate Dis 9

  • Conrad Appel (R) Metairie*

House Dis 91

  • Walt Leger III (D) New Orleans*

House Dis 93

  • Helena Moreno (D) New Orleans*

House Dis 94

  • Josie Haas (D) New Orleans
  • John Labruzzo (R) Metairie
  • Nick Lorusso (R) New Orleans*

House Dis 97

  • Jared Brossett (D) New Orleans*

House Dis 98

  • Neil Abramson (D) New Orleans*
  • Fenn French (R) New Orleans
  • Myron Katz (D) New Orleans
  • Evan Wolf (D) New Orleans

House Dis 99

  • Wesley Bishop (D) New Orleans*
  • Samuel Cowart (D) New Orleans

House Dis 100

  • Austin Badon (D) New Orleans*

House Dis 102

  • Jeff Arnold (D) New Orleans*
  • Carlos Williams (D) New Orleans

House Dis 103

  • Michael Bayham (R) Chalmette
  • Ray Garofalo (R) Meraux
  • Chad Lauga (D) Arabi
  • Cullen Tonry (D) Chalmette

Civil Dis Court Judge Div B

  • Regina Bartholomew (D) New Orleans
  • Ellen Hazeur (D) New Orleans

Civil Dis Court Judge Div E

  • Nakisha Ervin-Knott (D) New Orleans
  • Clare Jupiter (D) New Orleans
  • Kris Kiefer (D) New Orleans

Traffic Court Judge Div A

  • Herbert Cade (D) New Orleans
  • Ernest Charbonnet (D) New Orleans
  • Patrick Giraud (D) New Orleans

Criminal Dis Court Judge Sec L

  • Willard Brown (D) New Orleans
  • Donald Sauviac Jr (R) New Orleans
  • Glen Woods (D) New Orleans
  • Franz Zibilich (D) New Orleans

*Update: I somehow overlooked the 2 races for Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

BESE Dis 1

  • Lee Barrios (I) Abita Springs
  • Jim Garvey (R) Metairie*
  • Sharon Hewitt (R) Slidell

BESE Dis 2

  • Louella Givens (D) Mandeville*
  • Pam Matus (I) LaPlace
  • Kira Jones (D) New Orleans
  • Ferdinand Wallace Jr (D) Reserve

Incumbents identified with (*)

Not Much Ado About Little

Campaign signs have been popping up all over town lately, which means candidates are qualifying for the October 22 elections this week. On Orleans Parish ballots in 6.5 weeks will be:

  • Governor
  • Lt Gov
  • Sec of State
  • Attny General
  • St Treasurer
  • Commissioner of Insurance
  • Commissioner of Ag and Forestry
  • State Senate districts 3,4,5,7,9
  • State House districts 91,93,94,97,98,99,100,103
  • Civil District Court Judge divisions B and E
  • Traffic Court Judge division A
  • Criminal District Court section L
  • Proposition on the New Orleans Regional Business Park

Don’t remember which districts you’re in? Check here. Also, we will be voting on 5 Constitutional Amendments:

  1. Dedicating funds to TOPS
  2. Unfunded accrued liability
  3. Patients compensation fund
  4. Budget Stabilization fund changes
  5. Sales tax exemption adjustment due to population change in NOLA

Stay tuned for a list of candidates once qualifying is complete and later, a breakdown on who’s most Nolatarian in each race.

NOLA City Council Thrown Strike Down Middle For Strike 2

Recently, I wrote about the New Orleans City Council’s misguided efforts to pass a motion on May 19 to explore banning medium-box retail stores, like Dollar General, in Gentilly and New Orleans East in favor of major retail chains. One of my questions for the Council was who these mysterious major retailers searching in vain for real estate were.

Well, yesterday, August 31, 2011, gave us an update. Now, while this property falls in Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s district, I find it curious that she voted in favor of the motion supporting the medium-box retail ban and is now shrugging at the opportunity to champion the Costco opportunity in the high traffic Carrollton corridor. Rather than spearhead a potential boost to her district through ~300 new jobs, increased tax revenues (even from Jefferson Parish), more options for consumers, and a welcome major reduction of property eyesore, she instead would prefer to see “the number of parking spaces reduced and other small retailers brought to the site” and provides the typical politicianspeak of “I’m not at this time a proponent or an opponent, I told them to reach out to the neighborhoods.” So, which is it Guidry? Do you want large retailers as you voted for in May, or small retailers (oh, remember those terrible dollar stores Guidry voted against? there happens to be a Family Dollar just down the street)? And if twice meeting with you, the elected representative of THOSE neighborhoods, isn’t reaching out to the neighborhoods. Then what is?

Come on, lets recognize this as a welcome addition to an awful stretch of Carrollton and move on with bulk quantity deals and cheap gas to boot. Also, if Susan Guidry can’t manage to support this getting done in her own district, then citizens of District A do yourselves a favor and elect someone who at least admits to wanting to.