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Wishing You A Very Nolatarian New Year

As 2011 comes to a close, in spite of it all, I am optimistic. So long as my suspicions about the Mayan calendar are correct, 366 days from now we will hopefully be eagerly awaiting the start of a libertarian presidency and another Saints Super Bowl run. A number of projects are in the works for early 2012 for nolatarian.com. You can always check the ever-evolving “Bucket List” on the site for my priorities, but a sneak peek include working on privatizing a very specific aspect of city government and researching the legitimacy of some Louisiana Secretary of State fees to businesses. In the big picture, these aren’t huge, earth-shattering projects, but most importantly they will create momentum for a more prosperous and free New Orleans and Louisiana. And that is my goal for this site.

So tonight as we celebrate with friends or family at our house parties, open bars, concerts, firework displays and whatever it is you crazy, wonderful New Orleanians come up with, rejoice. Yes, things could be better and we’ve endured some terrible things this year in the city, but the fact that we’re still here, celebrating, is all the optimism we need. Happy 2012 New Orleans.