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November 2014 NOLA Ballot Propositions

The November 4, 2014 ballots in New Orleans will include 3 parish-wide propositions. The text of the propositions can be found here. The Times-Picayune has an editorial on them here. This post will cover my brief thoughts on them.

Law Enforcement District Proposition:

I oppose the creation of this millage. While it appears that the millage isn’t technically a tax increase, but rather an extension of the existing tax, that is mere window dressing. Regardless of what happens, the people of New Orleans will be forced to pay for federally mandated improvements to the jail either by an extra 10 years of the current millage or by the city cutting costs by eliminating or reducing other city services. Since I find it laughable that the city just can’t seem to find enough waste, bloat, unnecessary programs or services, or other expenses to cut, I will not support paying for this millage.

Charter Amendment for City Contracts:

I like the measures that Mayor Landrieu has put in place to create a more transparent and competitive process in reviewing and granting city contracts. Yet, the Mayor does not need a charter amendment to continue these practices. I oppose this amendment solely because of the requirement that a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) program be established. DBE programs are nothing more than affirmative action for businesses and arbitrarily manipulate what is supposed to be a competitive process. Partly basing business decisions on race and gender used to be called racism and sexism. What changed?

Charter Amendment for Inauguration Dates:

Yeah, sure. Why not?