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Racism in NOLA City Council Race?

Eugene Green announced today (Monday, January 23, 2012) that he is dropping out of the March 24 election for Arnie Fielkow’s vacated City Council seat. The reasons? Racism. What else could he possibly mean by this comment, other than racism?

“I’m willing to defer my aspirations in the interest of enhancing the opportunity for a qualified African-American candidate to do well in this election”

This is appalling. While I am not necessarily calling Mr. Green a racist, his comments are unacceptably so. A week ago today we observed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and now, instead of wishing to enhance the opportunity for the most qualified candidate to do well in the election, as Dr. King dreamed of, Green would rather the best “African-American candidate” do well.

How can we hope to approach the issues that challenge our city and region when the candidates themselves still frame their worldview around race? Obviously, we can’t. Mr. Green, I implore you to broaden your worldview beyond race and instead, desire our city’s leaders to be the most qualified, competent, and visionary regardless of their race.

City Council Candidates Announced

Qualifying closed today for the March 24, 2012 Louisiana Presidential and Municipal Primaries. Of most importance to me are the candidates for Arnie Fielkow’s New Orleans City Council At-Large seat. Unsurprisingly, I’m betting heavily that the candidates who’ve qualified will not be limiting city government any time soon. I’m already mourning my inability to run for the seat myself this time around.

Nevertheless, the fun of analyzing the candidates begins…now:

Austin Badon (D)

William “Poppa” Gant (I)

Eugene Green (D)

Andrew Gressett (R)

Stacy Head (D)

Gary Coldewy Landrieu (D)

Norbert Rome (I)

Cynthia Willard-Lewis (D)

I will be working on a questionnaire to send to the candidates next month on issues that concern Nolatarians. My early pick is Stacy Head, just so we have the opportunity for a libertarian candidate to run to take her City Council District B seat later next year. By the way, if you live in District B and know a good candidate, please let us know!

Also on the ballot is Judge Herbert Cade’s empty seat in Civil District Court which will become section 1 of the Domestic Section. One familiar name is running;

Janet Ahern (D)

Bernadette D’Souza (D)

Kris Kiefer (D)

So there we have it. More later.