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You Can Film NOPD

Even though the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights establishes the right of individuals to film or photograph police officers in the line of duty, oftentimes they feel otherwise. Well, for all of you out there who decide to exercise your Constitutional rights in this regard can rejoice. The federal Consent Decree filed this week on July 24, 2012, explicitly lays out the proper conduct for NOPD in dealing with being filmed, photographed or commented about.

“Officers shall respect the right of civilians to observe, record, and/or verbally comment on or complain about the performance of police duties occurring in public, and NOPD shall ensure that officers understand that exercising this right serves important public purposes.”

So, pretty awesome stuff. I definitely recommend reading through the entire decree. Personally, I intend on making a laminated card with the above portion and always carrying it on me.