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New Orleans, Occupied

If Louisiana State Rep and candidate for New Orleans City Council at-large seat, Austin Badon (D-New Orleans), gets his way New Orleans will soon have soldiers patrolling its streets to assist NOPD. According to this article, Badon’s bill would authorize the governor to send National Guard troops to New Orleans when the murder rate exceeds 45 persons for every 100,000 (a figure NOLA exceeded in 2010 and 2011).

To that, I say hell no! Sure more people policing the streets would be good. But when those people are wearing fatigues and carrying M16s and driving Humvees, I don’t think so. Soldiers patrolling our city would only further exacerbate the heightened anxiety and nervousness of our citizenry and tourists. And in a city that heavily relies on tourism, you must be pretty dense to think that tourists want to visit a city that needs soldiers in the streets for basic safety.

We’re only 3 weeks away from the spring primary and I already wasn’t going to be voting for Austin Badon, but now I certainly am not. Hopefully this bill amounts to nothing in this years legislative session.