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November 19 Ballot Rundown and Endorsements

Early voting begins today for the November 19 election/runoffs. Let’s go over what will be on Orleans Parish ballots.

BESE District 2

Louella Givens is defending her post against Teach For America leader Kira Orange-Jones. October brought us news that Givens was busted for DWI in February and also has a >$1 million IRS lien on her home to which I still haven’t seen her try to explain. Aside from that, the most telling comments that Givens has made that prove it is time for her to go center on her fundamental misunderstanding of school accountability. She says that chartering takes away local control of schools. In a sense she’s correct. It takes away HER control. What chartering really does is completely empower the students and their parents to choose which school is best for them instead of being trapped in the closest school to home. A vote for Orange-Jones is a vote that continues New Orleans and Louisiana education reform.


House of Representatives 103

Ray Garofalo (R) vs Chad Lauga (D). Garofalo says he’s committed to shrinking government, so please go right ahead. Lets just keep an eye on those Tea Party socially conservative points.


House of Representatives 105

Rocky Asevedo (R) vs Chris Leopold (R) Reading over each of their websites gives you the sense that either one of them would be the typical Republican representative. The one difference is that Asevedo is endorsed by David Vitter, so take that for what it’s worth…


Civil District Court Div E

Nakisha Ervin-Knott and Clare Jupiter. I didn’t vote for either in October and I don’t intend to on the 19th as well.


Constitutional Amendment

The amendment would prohibit new taxes or fees on the sale or transfer of immovable property after November 30. Even though New Orleans already has a tax like this that would not be affected, I will be voting FOR the amendment to prevent the state legislature from voting for any new taxes of this sort in the future.


City Charter Amendment

The amendment would reduce the makeup of the Public Belt Railroad Commissioners from the Mayor and 16 to the Mayor and 9 appointees. I support a measure that reduces the number of politically appointable positions. Vote YES.


Depending on your neighborhood there are 2 other items that could appear on your ballot.

In New Orleans East is a measure to create the Pressburg East Neighborhood Improvement and Security Special Taxing District by implementing an annual $200 fee for each parcel of land for 4 years. The fee would go to “the purpose of promoting and encouraging the beautification, security and overall betterment of the Pressburg East Neighborhood Improvement and Security District.”

Also in the East another similar proposal for the Lake Barrington Subdivision Improvement District. This proposition would create an annual $350 fee for 8 years on each parcel of land.

I don’t live in either neighborhood, but in general I am opposed to increased taxes for vague purposes of “beautification and security.”